The Atlantean Symbolism of the Egyptian Temple - 2. Atlantis

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    They derive from local traditions like those of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, which are far older and far more local than those of Egypt. The sole exception may be the three great pyramids of Giza. But then, many clues point to the fact that they are of Atlantean origin and far predate the presence of the ancient Egyptians in the region. Indeed, these three sister pyramids apparently represent the three peaks of Mt. Trikuta, the triple Mountain of Paradise which we have been discussing.

    We disagree with the theory which holds that these pyramids represent the stars of Orion's Belt. We calculated the discrepancies in that representation, and they are grossly in error insofar as the angles, the intensities and the relative distances are involved. All three magnitudes deviate by more than 20% or so, an error far above the capabilities of the meticulous Egyptians, whose precision was typically within 0.01% or better under similar circunstances.

    Unfortunately, the older monuments of India and Indonesia have mostly disappeared. And this was due not really due to the passage of time but mostly from the action of man himself, who consistently pillaged the ancient monuments either to construct new ones or, worse still, for sheer fanaticism and wantomness.

    Besides, the cataclysm that sunk Atlantis under the South China Sea probably carried under all or most of the magnificent structures that we are allowed to expect from such a superior civilization of semi-divine ancestors. Who knows what wonders and treasures await the undaunted explorer who dares to search where no man has yet looked so far? People have systematically been searching in the wrong places for Atlantis, which is indeed the true site of Eden and of the Eldorado, and other such Golden Paradises. Small wonder then that their results so far have been essentially nil.

    The Pyramids of Borobudur

    Fig. 7(a) - The Pyramidal Temple of Borobodur - Plan Even the meager remains of Indian and Indonesian pyramids that have survived from a relatively recent past are splendid enough to dazzle even the hardiest of skeptics. The fact that the pyramidal symbolism is very much alive and meaningful in the Indies, in contrast to, say, Egypt, where it never was explained at all, is proof enough of its origin there, in these countries full of the mountains portrayed by the pyramids themselves. The pyramid complex of Borobudur (Java) has been hailed as the most significant monument in the Southern Hemisphere and, perhaps, even of the whole world. Its pyramid stands on a hill and rises 35 meters from its base, which measures 123x123 square meters.

    Fig. 7(b) - The Pyramidal Temple of Borobodur - Cross-sectionThe pyramidal monument itself consists (like Zozer's pyramid) of six square steps. Upon them are three further round steps topped by a bell-shaped stupa. In all, we have ten steps (the number of Atlantis and of Jahveh). The beautiful structure of the Borobudur pyramidal complex is shown in Fig.7. As can be seen, this magnificent pyramid is the stony embodiment of a mandala, a stylized representation of Paradise and its several stages.

    Fig. 7(c) - The Pyramidal Temple of Borobodur - PerspectiveThe topping stupa (chapel) contained the Adi Buddha, that, is "the Primordial Buddha". In the Buddhist conception, Adi Buddha was the Primordial Man, the same one who the Judeo-Christians equate to Adam, the Hindus with Purusha and the Egyptians with Osiris.

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