The Atlantean Symbolism of the Egyptian Temple - 2. Atlantis

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    Hence, it should not come as a surprise to find out that a similar diffusion also took place for the far more important traditions concerning Atlantis and its destruction at the dawn of times. It was precisely the destruction of Paradise that forced the survivors to come out from Eden and move into distant regions of the world to which they brought the light of their civilization and their beautiful religion.

    The Origins of Religion and Civilization in Paradise

    There can be no reasonable doubt then that Religion and Civilization developed in Paradise, just as our myths and traditions affirm. From there, after its destruction it was handed down to us by the survivors of the Atlantean cataclysm. They appeared to us primitives as the gods the angels, the saints, the heroes and the demons that are invariably mentioned in all ancient traditions. Hence, just as the Hindus philosophically affirm, there are evils that come to good. And we also see that Catastrophism is indeed a fundamental aspect of Evolution, despite the skepticism of the academicians imbued with the arrogance of the science they mistake for Wisdom and, often, for Compassion.

    Creation spreads from its Cosmic Centers due to the impact of bangs and catastrophes such as the one that destroyed Atlantis and caused the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age. Such is the idea embodied in the Shri Yantra and in the Kalachakra mandalas that are precisely the graphic expressions of the doctrines of Tantrism and of Kalachakra Buddhism. Hence, we see, much to the surprise of most of us, that Religion is indeed Wisdom, and that it is invariably far more right and truthful than Science.

    The Egyptian Pylons Are Indeed Truncated Pyramids

    Fig. 8 - The Great Presidential Seal of the USThe giant pillars (or "pylons") characteristic of the gateways of the Egyptian temples are indeed truncated, rectangular pyramids.20

    Truncated pyramids and obelisks are a constant in Egyptian symbolism. This symbolism has passed into Masonic ones, and a topless pyramid figures in the Great Presidential of the U. S., as shown in Fig.8. The shiny "Eye of God" which substitutes the top of the Great Pyramid in Fig.6 symbolizes the fact that the Holy Mountain was indeed a volcano that had its top blown off. Such is also the symbolism of the stunted pylons of the Egyptian temples as well as the one of their archetypes, the gopuras of Hindu ones.

    The Reality of the Triple Mountain (Trikuta)

    In reality, the pylons of Egyptian temples represent the Triple Mountain (Trikuta), the true archetype of Mt. Atlas. More exactly, as we already said, the Central Pillar was blown off by the explosion and became a "naval passage" or "gateway" (a strait) flanked by the two remaining pillars, the Pillars of Hercules.

    Such is indeed, we repeat, the symbolism of the imposing pylons that invariably garnished the entrance of Egyptian temples of Ramesside and later times. The same symbolism was also expressed by the two obelisks that very often also figured before the pylon itself. These corresponded to the pillars of Solomon's Temple (Jachin and Boaz).21

    As we discussed further above, the two flagpoles that also decorated the pylons of Egyptian temples likewise corresponded to the two Pillars of Hercules. More exactly, the twin poles represented the Twins of Gemini, a word that means "Twins" in Latin. The Celestial Twins are represented in the Zodiac by a pair of parallel poles, another symbol of the Pillars of Hercules.

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