The Atlantean Symbolism of the Egyptian Temple - 2. Atlantis

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    The Twins, often identified with Castor and Pollux, are also called the Dioscuri (from Dios-kouroi, "the Divine Boys (or Twins)"). The Dioscuri are copied, almost verbatim, from their Vedic archetypes, the Ashvin Twins. But these two founders of the world are no other than the archetypes of Krishna and Balarama and, hence, of Atlas and Hercules. As we commented further above, these gods are also the Twins figured on the two jambs of the pylons of Egyptian temples and indifferently butchering the Atlantean residents of Paradise, at its destruction.

    All Roads Lead to Paradise

    As we see, no matter where we look, we always end up with the myth of Atlantis. Hence, recapitulating what we just adduced above. The two pylons (or stunted pyramids) of the Egyptian temples correspond to the two pillars (Jachin and Boaz) that decorated the Temple of Solomon. They also correspond to their two obelisks and their two divine flagpoles (neters), and even to their twin guardians.

    They also evoke the Phoenician twin pillars dedicated to Baal Melkart (Hercules) and his twin and dual, Yam or Mot ("Death"). These two objects also stood for the Dioscuri Twins (Castor and Pollux) and for their Hindu archetypes, Krishna and Balarama. In Vedic terms, they refer to Gada and Agada, the Ashvin Twins who stand for the two destroyed Paradises, Atlantis and Lemuria.22

    To sum it all up: the two pillars (or "pylons") correspond to the two Pillars of Hercules that demarked the entrance to Atlantis or, yet, the Gateway of Eden. But these Pillars of Hercules were not indeed the ones at Gibraltar (phony ones) but the ones that flank the Strait of Sunda in Indonesia and which are the real Pillars of Hercules that allowed the ingress to Paradise in antiquity, before Atlantis was destroyed by the Flood.23

    Christian Cathedrals Equivalent to Egyptian Temples

    Fig. 9 - Notre Dame and Its Stunted TowersIt is interesting to note that the symbolism of the Christian cathedrals and churches closely correspond to the one of Egyptian temples. In them, the spires or towers substitute the twin pylons or pillars of Egyptian temples. The towers of many cathedrals such as Notre Dame (see Fig. 9) are stunted in just the way that the two pyramids of the pylons of Egyptian temples also were. The idea is to represent the fact that their tops were destroyed in a giant volcanic explosion, the one that destroyed Paradise.24

    The flimsy third tower of Notre Dame represents the regrowth of the destroyed Paradise. More exactly, since volcanoes are eternal and start to grow back as soon as they explode, the flimsy third tower of Notre Dame's cathedral represents the volcanic peak growing back and starting a new era of mankind in the eternal succession of Cyclic Time.

    Many authorities such as Hani whom we already quoted at the opening of the present chapter recognize the fact that Christian churches and cathedrals are a replica of Paradise. They also recognize that their spires represent, just as do those of Hindu and Egyptian temples, the lofty mountains of Eden. Thence flowed the River of Life, branching out into four rivers, in perfect correspondence with the Hindu myths on Mt. Meru, the Mountain of Paradise. In other words, the three traditions Hindu and Christian, as well as the Egyptian one agree not only in what concerns geometrical patterns, but also in the symbolism intended.

    As it is not conceivable that the far older and extremely conservative Hindus cribbed their temple symbolism from that of the Christians, or even from the Egyptians, we are compelled into accepting that the diffusion took the opposite direction.

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