The Whirling Mountain of the Navajos. Atlantis

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    As recently as the late 1960s, Peyotism was still outlawed in several regions of the Unitedstates of America.

    The name of the peyote derives from the Nahuatl peyotl meaning "divine messenger", which is more or less synonymous with "Angel (or Envoy) of the Lord". In other words, Peyotl is the "Christ", the Messias (or Emissary) sent down to the Indians as the Celestial Messenger, the bearer of the Good News of the Gospels. More exactly, Peyotl is the Third Coming of the Saviour so ardently expected by the Gnostics and the Mystics everywhere. When he comes, shortly, he shall bring the Celestial Bread to all humans, the white one to the Whites, and the red one to the Reds, in fair, equal shares to all of us humans.1

    The Great Mother, Venus and Nagualism

    In Navajo mythology, the Great Mother is called Changing Woman. Changing Woman represents the Earth. And her name refers to the idea that our planet periodically sloughs off its old skin (the crust) like a serpent, being reborn as fresh and virginal as a young bride. This motif is ritually enacted in Navajo dances and chants of an initiatic character.

    This periodic renewal of the world is connected not only with the daily or the yearly ones, but with the eras of humanity dictated by the Precession of the Equinoxes. In other words, Changing Woman is the same as the Nagis ("Serpent Women") of the Hindus, and her myriad counterparts such as Mélusine, Kokilan, Ganga, the Queen of Sheba, Echidna, etc. who, all, symbolize the renewed earth.

    More exactly, Changing Woman is Venus, reborn afresh from the froth and blood of the castrated phallus of Ouranos thrown down into the Ocean s waters by Kronos. Indeed, Venus is the alias or replica of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi (also called Shri). Shri was born, exactly like Aphrodite-Venus, from the froth engendered at the occasion of the Churning of the Ocean of Milk, in consequence of the dispute between the gods an the devils (devas and asuras) for possession of the Elixir of Life, the Soma.

    The Primordial Castration and the Universal Twins

    Again, this churning is a clever allegory of the destruction of Paradise by the giant volcanism that changed Mt. Atlas from a volcanic peak into a giant submarine caldera, as we explain next. This event is also allegorized, again in beautiful images, the Primordial Castration of the Holy Mountain of Paradise and its fall into the Ocean, and the rebirth of the renewed Paradise of the subsequent era.

    Another similar allegory is the one we mentioned further above, concerning the myth of the Fallen Sun, who is also the Primordial Castrate. The former Sun (male) falls down into the seas, and is reborn as the New Moon (female) that is the alias of Venus or, yet, of the renewed Earth and the rejuvenated Great Mother that is her daughter, the Virgin. Interestingly enough, the birth of the Twins is also attended by foam which, as we will see below, has a deep esoteric significance.

    According to the Male Shooting Chant of the Navajos, the Twins were born from Changing Woman, and were fathered, sequentially, by Dripping Water and Sun. Most mythical Twins are born likewise, fathered by two different fathers. A well-known case is that of Hercules and Iphicles, successively fathered by Zeus and Amphitrion.

    Likewise, Cain and Abel were also born of Eve, fathered, respectively, by both God and Adam (Gen. 4:1-2). Indeed, even Jesus Christ and his Twin (Thomas Didymus) may have been bred this way. As usual, this double impregnation scheme is of Hindu origin, and is instanced, f. i., in the miraculous conception of Krishna and Balarama and that of the Ashvin Twins. Several apocryphal gospels tell, often in allegoric but unequivocal terms, of the dual paternity of Christ and his many-named Twin.

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