The Whirling Mountain of the Navajos. Atlantis

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The two fathers are either Joseph and the Angel, the Holy Ghost and the Father or even Joseph and a mysterious Roman legionary called Panthera.

The Regaining of Youth

In one Navajo sacred dance, Changing Woman, old, decrepit and feeble, is led through the four different stations of a ritual sand paintings and regains her youth, finally coming out as fresh and as virginal as the Earth in springtime. Apparently, she is reborn as a male, the Junior Twin or as his twin sister, the Virgin. Junior is far more than just a companion and mate to the Elder Twin. He/she also seems to be his lover as well. This is evidenced, for instance, when Changing Woman completes the change, and sings:

Changing Woman s child I have become,
With him I go, being restored to youth,
According to beauty I walk.

All is in accord again,
All is in accord again,
All is in accord again
All is in accord again.

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