Tiahuanaco and the Deluge. Inca

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Their attempt eventually miscarried, because they had underestimated certain dangerous developments that ultimately happened contrary to all expectations and calculations.

Such world-wide cataclysms appear in myth:

  • the Egyptian Papyrus Ipuwer ("The sun set where it rose")
  • the tomb of Senmut (showing Orion-Sirius painted in reverse position)
  • the Finnish Kalevala ("the earth turned round like a potter's wheel"),
  • the Popol Vuh (describing fire showering down from heaven)

    This indicates that our planet more than once has suffered world-wide catastrophe.

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    Rajarshi Pal, 23/04:
    I am a doctor from India. My hobby is jungle trekking. I remember, once I was trekking in the jungle of Ayodhya Pahar which is situated in the district of Purulia, in the state of West Bengal, Eastern part of India. My guide was a local tribal priest. I was shown some extraordinary pieces in the jungle like huge blocks of rocks, nicely cut horizontally and vertically, few rocks which were said in the local folklore to be as fossilized pieces of huge sea creatures and human beings. Not much people are aware of these structures in the outside world except few of the locals. The jungle and the structures are on the verge of destruction as a hydel power projet being constructed nearby. But still there is time if someone takes sincere effort to restore them. I am not expert on lost civilizations but, from your article, I have an impression that there could be some connections between the structures found in different parts of the world. Thank you veru much, Rajarshi Pal

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