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There are physical as well as sacred technologies used in the ceremonies that are very powerful. The elders can see the results of this work.

Kundalini and Quetzalcoatl:

Quetzalcoatl, the feathered or plumed serpent, represents kundalini which is the movement of energy from the Earth to the base of the spine then up the spine. This serpent/fire represents transendence.

Quetzalcoatl, "The whole American continent is represented by an eagle or condor. It (America) has been called to take the torch for these times. One wing represents the physical and the other the material. The spiritual wing must continue to lift. When balance comse of both wings, then America will come unto it's own bringing the spiritual and material resources together."

Dimensions and Beings:

There are 13 dimensions above us and 9 below. These dimensions also work with time. Time works at different rates in different vibrations.

If you spend one day in a higher dimension you would come back one year later. If we go lower, time is more dense.

Mayans visit other levels physically. There are physical portals in many places.

Humanoid beings exist in higher dimensions. They are somewhat superior to us. The lecturer has only visited one level higher (in the physical). More evolved sun systems have more evolved beings. Our sun is in its first stage of evolution. Super beings do not interfere in either a positive or negative way. They allow us to follow our process. There is communication with people that are very evolved in this dimension but they don't interfere.

Ancient Records

Based on prophecy, the Mayan priests knew the Christians to burn all of their physical records so the most superior Elders hid them. There still exist today, in certain groups with unbroken lineages. Sacred objects, guardians of energy, sacred music, guardians of technological objects etc. Nothing has been lost.

Ancient Technologies

The Tibetans had advanced technologies. Humanity is still not evolved enough today to use some of these technologies. The elders have known about - magnetic recording, jet propulsion, radar, and television. The Mayans had radio communication in the Stone Age.

The Future of the Mayan People

We are the Maya of yesterday, the Maya of today and we will be the Maya of tomorrow.

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nichole, 28/03:
I have ben intrigued be the information I have just read, alot that I read i already felt and did not know the myans had thought the same thing. I also agree that their are many capabilities of the human race that we are still yet to discover and in my eyes studing the information of the ancients is one way to start. Thank you for creating this site and sharing this knowledge with all of us. Nikki

Austin, 29/05:
This is very fasicinating and very informative. I strongly believe we are in a transitional period and the turmoil of the world is evidence to the changes we are and will be facing. I have more questions than i have time to write. I know in my heart and soul there is so much more humans are capable of than the mindless activites that consume us. I plan on continuing to study the Mayan calendar and anxiously await the change at the prophesized end of the calendar in late 2012. I believe the "cleansing" will only continue to intensify and great change will take place among the cultures and poeples of this planet.

blake, 30/12:! After reading the previous nine pages, I have become totally engulfed in learning all that I can regarding the Mayan's and their teachings. I believe we all have a lot to learn (remember). I will definitely be showing my friends (the majority of my friends also share an interest in these prophecies) this site - they'll appreciate it as much as I did! thank you thank you -blake

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